Sage Smudge Sticks

Shortly before we began reworking the Fibers & Florals website, Gardenista had reposted a simple Smudge Stick tutorial I wrote for our original journal. I thought it would be nice to revisit this now that we are up and running. You can view their post here or read below for the step-by-step:

This day was particularly special for me. I hadn't seen my dear friend Kaity in a few weeks and we were able to snag a couple of hours together from our schedules to forage and wildcraft the foliage above. I was able to show her a family tradition that I had experienced growing up: the act of cleansing your space with sage smudge sticks.

Half of my family is Native American and with every family gathering sage always played an important role. This time last year Fibers and Florals was going through a rough patch and desperately needed a good cleansing. Below is a step by step tutorial for making a scared sage smudge stick, say that 5x's fast!

Supplies needed:

White Sage


Cotton thread

First start with a head of Salvia apiana, commonly known as white sage or sacred sage. Always inspect the head and leaves for signs of disease or infestation prior to cutting. Cut sage heads during a sunny day when the heat is not scorching the leaves to a wilting state

Pluck each leaves carefully and arrange in a neat bundle. Its important to use 100% cotton thread or embroidery thread as synthetic thread releases harmful chemicals.